What do you believe are the major issues facing IEEE?

Membership and sustainability: Technical society members has fallen to 50% of IEEE members, whose numbers have flatten over time. Membership issue has started several initiatives. I am involved in resourcing Chapter technical meetings with online recordings; another is attracting the industry practitioners into technical societies. Sustainability is threatened by rising indirect costs and staff numbers while our subscription revenues are slowly rising. My financial efforts are resulting in better transparency of the costs, which will need volunteer leadership oversight.

What do you think the number one goal is for IEEE leadership?

Attract technical member growth for Societies, Standards, and Chapters: Senior volunteers seem far from the IEEE technologies and too occupied by our bureaucracy. We need to listen carefully to our diverse and global member communities to discover, articulate, and promote their member community value propositions. Most of these people attend our technical conferences and meetings as experts, lecturers, reviewers, student authors, established authors, researchers, educators, industry practitioners, technical managers, and students. Going forward our leadership decision process needs always answer the question, what have we done for you as the member.

What qualifies you for the job?

My nine years involvement with the IEEE Board meeting series has educated me on the various staff roles, policies, plans, strategies, finances, and leadership methods across the Institute. This experience revealed the diversity and strengths of our staff and volunteer leaders to provide valuable services to you. My experience as your past Society President and current Division Director, a member of TAB Finance, and Chair of Audit, has provided a strong knowledge of the fiduciary responsibilities of a Director and my contributions demonstrated business acumen, experience and ability to exercise sound judgments to support objectives of the IEEE.